The 7 Wunderhaus - buy a house instead of a car!

1. Wonder - speed

  • In an average of 8 weeks, the house is fully complete furnished.
  • The assembly takes a matter of a few hours.

4. Wonder – space wonder

  • You actually have a lot more living space than floor space. A 40m2 house of corresponds to an apartment of around 65m2 but you only pay 40m2 – which is also better in terms of electricity and tax!
  • The space miracle also includes a special indoor climatizer that supports the body and soul while relaxing.

7. Wonder - Living in freedom instead of paying debts!

  • We achieve this through modern, optimized living space. You have everything you need. Our generation built large houses so that at least one of our children could stay at home. But the children seem to be leaving because they find work in other locations. Paying off debts until retirement happens all too often and the fear of maintenance costs in large homes can be overwhelming. The7 Wunderhaus is fun to build - no stress - affordable fixed costs - instead of large debts, you gain valuable time spent with family and doing the things you love..

2. Wonder- the house of the future

  • Today here tomorrow there – No need for me to depend on the location of the house, instead the location of the house depends on where I want to live!
  • The house is a lifelong companion.
  • Never again use a moving box – load the completely finished and furnished house on the truck and move it as far away as you want and continue to live in it.
  • The house can be extended at any time.
  • You can also order the house as an immobile house rather than a mobile one. Meaning that the house is not transportable.

5. Wonder - security

  • Worry-free home from one source.
  • Earthquake proof.
  • Can be made burglar resistant./li>
  • Security for retirement.
  • Solid wood construction designed for long durability - Up to 100 years after expiry of the legal guarantee it can still be lived in comfortably

3. Wonder - price

  • Buying a home instead of buying a car - strictly speaking, the house is cheaper than a Mercedes.
  • You get much more than what you pay for! All prices incl. VAT ex works 8262 Ilz, including covered outdoor terrace, equipment, electrical appliances, heating, air conditioning, satellite / incl. TV - even the bed is included!
  • The electricity costs are low.
  • You only need to buy or rent a plot (low effort).
  • You can start with one model today and buy another one to add to it later.

6. Wonder - quality

  • Only solid woods are used.
  • The house is handmade in Austria.
  • The wood comes from Styria and Carinthia.
  • The house is equipped with durable furniture by the local carpenter.
  • The house is built in harmony with nature.
  • The house has natural smells.

Our Vision

We live in a fast-paced age and seldom stop to smell the flowers or to spend time with our children who love us.

With the 7 Wunderhaus, our team has started a completely new generation of homes that are affordable and let you find free-time to spend with your family again.

We want to help ordinary people to realize their dream of owning their own home, so that life spent living in it will be really be worth living for.

A tour of the 7 Wunderhaus

Typ Holiday

The innovations team

Markus Ulrich
Markus Ulrich
Oksana Ulrich
Oksana Ulrich

The competence team


Our Types

Live the dream of free independent living! The future has begun!
Basic Cube

Typ Relaxe

71.000  inkl. MwSt.

Basic Cube

Typ Relaxe +

127.900  inkl. MwSt.

Typ Living

94.950  inkl. MwSt.

Typ Living 50

118.950  inkl. MwSt.

Typ Living XXL

179.000  inkl. MwSt.

A visit to the 7 Wunderhäuser

Is only possible with an appointment
The Holiday prototype can be viewed at the entrance area of Styrassic Park.
Dinoplatz 3
A - 8344 Bad Gleichenberg
The Holiday, Relaxe & Living prototypes can be viewed at the Ilz plant.
Ilz 92
A - 8262 Ilz

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

0043 (0) 664 43 10 113 - Call our free hotline for information, support, customer service, or to schedule an appointment.